I be tired…

This week was the Ann Arbor Art Fair, so Jeff and I had to get up at 4am so he could get downtown at 5. I suppose I didn’t have to come with him, but I’d rather be at work really early than wade through art fair traffic on the bus… it’s ridiculous really. It’s actually been really nice. I watch the sun rise while sitting on the balcony of the office, and before I know it I’ve worked half a day and people are just getting in!

I’ve decided my doctors don’t know what they’re talking about. I like them, they are very nice, but they made a mistake that I feel was entirely preventable. I didn’t share this at the time, but when I went for my first prenatal visit I had high blood pressure. They have this weird blood pressure machine that takes it for them. I’ve never had high blood pressure before (except for when I got hit by the van), so it didn’t really make sense except for the pregnancy. However, she said that usually BP goes down during a pregnancy, so she was concerned and wanted me to come in the next week. So I did and they took it while I was sitting and laying down, and it was consistently high. Strange. So they start me on this “safe” medication, because they say they are worried that the baby won’t get enough blood. They also say that I may be high risk, and that I might be advised to sacrifice my homebirth as a result. They also tell me that sometimes high blood pressure is caused this early in pregnancy because of some other problem- like I might not really be pregnant, but may have a tumor and my body just thinks I am.
So that was a rough day, and I was already overly emotional and overwhelmed. That’s why they sent me in for the ultrasound. I would’ve opted not to, but they wanted to make sure the baby was alive and well. Anyway, I go back in on Wednesday (the day after the ultrasound), and they take my BP again. High. Then they try a different sized cuff… normal! So I get suspicious because I knew they had used the small cuff on me everytime before. I asked that they take it manually, and it was normal. Neither of the cuffs were accurate.  The smaller one was going to read too high and the larger too low. So they put me on medication for potentially no reason, and scared the crap out of me for nothing. They told me to keep taking the meds for a week, but I quit them yesterday. There’s no reason for it. Plus I was having these wild dizzy spells and nightmares that I think the medication was contributing to. Anyway, needless to say I think it’s time to start seeing a midwife instead.

Tonight I’m going to start doing 365 again (because I think I’m slowly regaining my sanity) and make dinner and watch Good Will Hunting (Jeff’s never seen it!).


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