Harold And Maude

Tonight I will have some ice cream of the buttery pecan persuasion.

I’m turning off my stupid cable. It’s turned out (can you believe it?) to be a waste of my time for the most part. I would rather practice playing my banjo or drawing again. I like being able to kill boredom, but not at the expense of my creative drive.

This is good for you. This scene is the reason for my tattoo. Just be a daisy.

Harold And Maude
Harold And Maude” on Google Video
Clip From Harold And Maude Movie
Director: But Court
1971 ©

“To know the Way,
We go the Way;
We do the Way
The way we do
The things we do.
It’s all there in front of you,
But if you try too hard to see it,
You’ll only become Confused.

I am me,
And you are you,
As you can see;
But when you do
The things that you can do,
You will find the Way,
And the Way will follow you. ”
-Tao of Pooh


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