Happy Friday!!!

So I’m going to Folk Festival tonight!!! Jeff, and Annie, and my lovely older sis will be there with me. I swear, everytime I go to this I leave buzzing. Like there is a folk aura around me, and for weeks afterwards I am electric with folky love. Needless to say, I’m excited. So why did I say it if it was needless? Well, because some things are just plain fun to say. Such as “I’m excited”. Anyway, I’ve been at work tooooooooo looooonnnnnggg!
So I’ve gotta move all my shit out of the apartment tomorrow. How depressing. At least there will be friends there- including Diane (which is extra cool because I don’t think we’ve “hung out” in years)
Well, Jeff brought me lunch today and reminded me that life is great. He always pulls that crap with me. Showing up and making me love him and the world all over again. geez. anyway, enough swooning.
Affirmation for all:)


Use this gift when you are angry with yourself or other people for having made what you consider to be a mistake. Expectations are often unreasonable, especially the expectation that you can go through life without making mistakes or having to deal with the mistakes of others. Successful people know that mistakes are valuable learning experiences.


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