Gratitude Friday: how bright

You must forgive my lack of a post on Wednesday- I kept trying to find time and space to do it, and there was just none to be found. I will be sure to make up for it next Wednesday. I promise. 🙂

I am a woman that has full arms. I am often overwhelmed by this fact, but I’m also incredibly grateful for it. After a long day of juggling little girls and their constant… whatever it is, an especially sensitive and needy babe, trying to work and clean and cook and whatever else might come along, last night I was able to break out on a walk with Maya. Oh, a nice snowy walk in the dark of an early winter evening. It was quiet except for the occasional car whizzing by, and I chose to walk down the alleyways through the sweet historic area in our neighborhood. I saw frozen gardens and overturned toys. On these winter walks I can’t help but peer into people’s windows… The warm light streaming out onto the snow, a little glimpse at the towering bookshelves or the dining table or the hearth… it’s beautiful and comforting to me. I like to see people’s art- it’s as if seeing what they put on their wall is a little clue or something. And then eventually I turn the corner and head up to my own house, and I know there’s warmth and light and life inside. I see the colorful walls, I see the bookshelves and the art, the plants, and usually Asa hanging on one of Jeff’s arms. Often all we need is a different viewpoint to add balance to our perspective. I knocked the snow off my boots and headed in, only to find myself quickly helping to get dinner on, and then sitting on the couch nursing Asa- precariously balancing spoonful after spoonful of soup over his little head and into my mouth. Soon after I finish my soup and have Asa asleep, my little girl wants to nurse and snuggle. I am glad for these things. I really am.

Today I am grateful for my little boy’s first tooth, which just broke through sometime last night. I’m grateful that we know what’s wrong with Maya and are treating it (she has a mysterious infection on the outside of her lip), and the god-awful smell is going away already. I’m grateful for warm soup and winter walks. I’m grateful for this song:

and this song:

I know, I know, but embrace the cheesy. Sing along. I figure, it only makes us feel self-conscious because we’re afraid of it’s importance and truth. Plus, that second song is one that little Tuula dances and smiles and sings along to. It’s so great.

What are you grateful for today?


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