Gratitude Friday

I’m grateful for my sweet children, who already love each other dearly.

They seem to have their own connection- she’s rough and loud and I’ll think it’s too much for him, but it almost never is. He laughs and laughs and just adores her.


For this little guy, and how precious each moment is with him. He’s about a day away from those top teeth coming through, and he’s also about to crawl… 

See? He’s on the move!

He was playing so happily here, and as soon as I decided to take a picture he poked himself in the face with the kazoo… I’m grateful for all the funny little moments we have around here.


The other day I was able to put him to sleep just by lightly touching the ridge of his nose and tickling the top of his head. It was so sweet, I almost couldn’t stand it. 

I’m grateful for my body today. I feel healthy and able and I don’t want to take it for granted. My dad had a bad fall on some ice yesterday and broke his kneecap. He’s looking at surgery and recovery time, and it just kind of sucks. Also, speaking of body, the other night after the kids were in bed I was examining myself in the mirror, squishing my mama-belly and making a bit of a face at it. Jeff saw me, told me I was looking good, and went into bed. I wasn’t feeling particularly bad about anything, but I was definitely being less than loving about that stretch-marked and squishy belly of mine. When I laid down next to him, he said "You know, yours is the body that I get to love." It shot me right back to reality, that moment. I turned to him and felt the same- that his body is precious and that we get to love each other, and that it’s a privilege. I’m grateful for his sweet and honest perspective, and his love and appreciation for my body- exactly as it is. I hope to get better at remembering such things.

I’m grateful for the hundreds of heirloom tomato seeds I got for free from a generous soul today. I hope next year I can do the same for someone else!

For dumpster flowers, which always make me smile.

And for our first (almost) quart of liquid gold…

What are you grateful for today?

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