Friday Farm Update- March 9th, 2018

At the end of the month we will have lived here 2 years. I’m calling it our “Housiversary”, and I’m going to plan something special. Not sure what yet, but it will likely include a fire, some food, and a brand new made-up ritual to signify my immense gratitude for all this. I still walk out of my bedroom door to look down over the main room and get teary sometimes. It was all such a miracle. Both Jeff and I still pause together on the regular to just kind of honor it. The initial shock has worn off, but the appreciation for it hasn’t. I hope it never does.

My view a few days ago.
2 years ago exactly.

I love how weird time is. I can’t believe that was all just two years ago, and yet I also am amazed how far we’ve come in just that time. Where will I be in another 2 years? I’ll just have to keep living it day by day.

Our land, looking to the west. The house is just at the very bottom.

Jeff’s friend came over the other day with a fancy drone and took aerial photos of the homestead. It’ll be really cool to see how it develops year to year. Even just that little red cedar on the east side of the house, in just a few years, has grown so much.

Red cedar tree in 2013- Vera was 5, the house was just a hope.
Red cedar in 2017.
This is a pretty good overview. The snow covered/swirly area just northeast of the house is the garden with the big bowl shape in the middle- to be planted with perennials this year. To the south east is the driveway and the ducks, to the west is the chicken yard and our woods. The northwest is the barn that holds the tractor and, just south of that is the site of our “food forest”, going in this year.
The woods, that will remain relatively unchanged- for us to enjoy and forage and learn from. This is west of our house and the animals (you can see the barn again), and at the far left is the creek that runs through the very back of the property.

I am enjoying the snowy slow weather- it’s giving me the much needed space to organize and meditate on my intentions and my personal direction. But I’m also starting to hear birds in the morning. They are like a sweet little seasonal alarm telling me it’s almost time to get busy.


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