Follow your instincts and you might get cake!

Today is the first day of my second trimester. I hear this one is the best, so I better enjoy myself! I am noticing a difference even in my mood. Yesterday a bunch of people were hanging around the house, and while a few weeks ago I would’ve felt a little overwhelmed about the company, yesterday I felt great about it! It was fun to sit on the porch and have conversation until I went to bed. I used to do that all the time, but I think with the combination of fatigue and hormones I haven’t been as social as usual. Anyway, I’m going to take this time to have fun and relax. I plan to go home tonight and do a little cleaning, garden, yoga, dinner, and maybe watch an old movie. There’s something about old movies that scream “I’m a girl and having a good night!!” I think Shirley Temple is in order… Which is your favorite?

I’ve decided life is a big bowl of soup. If it’s a good soup, then the flavors are balanced, it is nutritious, probably includes some different colors and textures, thick or thin depending on your personality, and it also has comforting properties when shared on a cold rainy day. If it’s bad soup, well then usually it’s a lame copied version of something that can be good. Don’t put freeze dried vegetables in your soup. You deserve the best.

So I was thinking about soup… and so i went to get some. This place across the street from my job has a great mushroom soup. This guy I know works in the kitchen and I always wave to him. He gave me some chocolate birthday cake and bought my soup (because they wouldn’t let me charge the 2.75). Very nice, no? While I was scarfing cake my friend Aurora was randomly there buying a cookie, so she got some cake too! Then she found a bunch of bags of perfectly good pita bread in the middle of the busy road, they must’ve just fallen off a truck or something. So she gave me some. Cake, soup, pita!?!? I love thinking about how things all come together. The sort of “if I had never done that then…” I already had a lunch here, but nooooo I had to have soup!

It’s been a good day so far.


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