Flowers and strange eggs

As an addition to last time- Jeff took the next 3 nights off of everything just to hang out and help, etc. It made a world of difference, in my mind. I am feeling very supported and peaceful. However, I do feel like that last post really sums up how I feel a lot of the time. It’s really about how it’s important for me to accept some things, to ask for help when I need it, to ask for help even when I don’t think I need it, and to try my darndest not to harbor any resentment. It’s just about being really really painfully honest with myself, or trying to, even if that means recognizing my own tendency towards bitterness and self-pity. Oh yeah… growth.

Speaking of growth, I’ve had a heap of perfectly lovely days. The garden is shaping back up after a few scorching (and neglected) days that made everything look just a little pathetic. Now I’m starting to get excited all over again with the first harvests of the season (of something other than salads, delicious as they are). Now I’m on to planning my fall crops, and it’s shaping up to be a much more organized season. We’ll see if it’s any more productive. Last year we were total newbies and planted something like 20 tomato plants in one raised bed. I have no idea why we did this. I have a passionate love for tomatoes, but that was just crazy. It became this little sweet smelling jungle in the middle of our yard. We lost a lot of tomatoes because they sat on the ground for too long or we just couldn’t see them. This year we have a mere four in one bed, and a couple of the volunteer plants are hangin out in pots off of the back patio. I feared it wouldn’t be enough tomatoes for me… I must have them! However, these four plants are large and well established, with plenty of green fruit just waiting to change color. It’s an exciting time of year. Today I’ve got lots of mason jars to run through the dishwasher in preparation…

July 21st:
I often find her in this position, whether it be on the floor or in her bed or wherever. I say, this is probably the most delicious her toes are ever gonna be, so live it up.

July 22nd:
Vera and I made our weekly trip up to farmer’s market, and some nice guys in a booth gave her a flower. Who can blame them, really?

July 23rd:
This was the day we went to the beach. My mom and Vera were admiring these flowers, and since my camera was being a dud, I took this photo with theirs. Oh, how I would love to get a better camera.

July 24th:
This was the day that I was feeling overwhelmed and wrote that last post. Jeff came home from class with these wild roses for me. I feel really happy that I was able to have faith that the universe would deliver- rest, support, a few roses- what else could a girl ask for? It’s a good life.

July 25th:
Ok, I owe a debt of gratitude to these geraniums. This may be like the tenth time they’ve bloomed this year, literally. They were a little burst of sunshine in the oh-so-very-gray-and-gloomy winter with a small baby, all cooped up inside, and they continue to brighten my life through this summer.

July 26th:
Twin egg! Cool, huh?

July 27th:
Back at the beach. Gretchen and I want to go out there at least once a week.

July 28th:
I picked up this little job for a friend of a friend. He’s got a ton of really old collectible stuff that he wants to sell. He doesn’t have a computer and has no desire for one, so he’s asked me to help him get rid of some of this stuff. This is an old Disney character, a little rabbit, that precedes Bugs Bunny I’m told. My preliminary research yielded nada, which I’m choosing to take as a good sign. Anyway, I get 20% of whatever we sell, which I think is a great deal. It’ll be nice to make a little extra moolah and learn about antiques.

July 29th:
We’ve been eating out back every night now that we’ve set up a table there. It’s so nice. I’m gonna make a chandelier of sorts today to hang over the table. It’s shaping up to be a really nice spot out there.

Today I’m planting lots and lots of spinach and chard and maybe some more beans, radishes and beets, and I might do some turnips and carrots too. I’m also listening to lots of girly music- Ani, Patty Griffin, Dar Williams, Tori, Gillian Welch, Deb Talen, Fiona, etc. Some days it really hits the spot to saturate myself in girly goodness and maybe finish it up with a little bluegrass. Mmm-hmm.

Quote of the day (one of my new favorites):
“If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going.” -Professor Irwin Corey


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