Embrace your inner cheese-head.

Sometimes when Maya gets snuggly there’s just no stopping her. I have trained her well…

I did the most unforgivably cheesy thing I think I may have ever done. My friend is really cheesy and loves it. She gets all these little holiday chachkes and puts them up a month early, she just likes all the froo-froo that I don’t really get into. This is part of what I love about her, and I think she wouldn’t be the same without it. For the past 2 Halloweens she anonymously (but we of course knew it was her) left Jeff and I a little orange bag on our porch that had fun things in it- candy, a pen, etc.- with a note that said “You’ve been visited by the Hobgoblin!” You get the idea.
When she told me she was taking her two beagles to go get their picture taken with Santa and that she wanted me to come with her, how could I refuse? I absolutely wanted to go see her delight in her canine friends (who could care less) snuggle up with a strange man for a photo. The real question was, would I get Maya’s picture taken too? Yes. I did it. It was free. She got her picture taken with an unshaven and I like to imagine, alcoholic, pet-Santa. It was hilarious. Maya was very good, but was nothing compared to these two beagles, who both nestled down on each one of Santa’s knees and looked up, cocking their heads slightly to one side. It mostly made me happy for my friend, who on her way out of the pet store was debating on whether or not to buy little antlers for them. I love people. They make me so happy. Anyway, I think the picture actually turned out to be pretty great, and I wonder if I can take it a step further and make it my Xmas labels on all the presents we give away this year. They could say things like: “Maya was a good girl this year, were you?” or they could be mercilessly cheesy play-on-words… like…. well I can’t think of anything right now. We’ll see if I’m brave enough.

Last night I made borscht and beer bread. Yummy. There are few things that make me as calm and content as a big bowl of that soup. The bread was ridiculously easy, warm, and delicious.


Yeah. Last night we also watched this movie called “You Kill Me” with Ben Kingsley. It’s about an alcoholic hitman who starts to screw up so much that they send him away to get sober. It’s really funny, a new classic around here I’d say. We are promptly going to burn it and put it in our collection… So if you’re looking for a good new movie to watch, I recommend it.


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