Cajun French… Oui Oui!

My brother made me this bizarre mix that I totally love. Sometimes I think he doesn’t know me at all, but then I remember that: ‘oh yeah, he’s my wonderful brother- of course he does.’ I just hope he remembers that I know him too.
I suppose it’s hard to feel connected to those that care for you ALL of the time. But once you get that moment of clarity, that “sehn sucht”, embrace it! Once you find a cool spot in the middle of your heated battle, relax, and trust that people are still good.
Yup! It’s the truth! Maybe we should just all pack our bags and live on a commune in Italy. We could all harvest grapes! Then, when we’d fight, we’d all throw grapes at each other and get really pissed off! But we wouldn’t be able to leave because Italy is too sweet- so we’d have to make up!
Plus we’d be making really good wine. So, basically, what I’m saying is, If you haven’t made up yet, then do. Any of you still holding any grudge. It ain’t worth it, besides, how will you ever own a grape farm if you can’t agree on anything?


Use this gift whe you notice that you are resistant to the possibility that new ways of doing things and new people might contribute to your life and to the attainment of your goals. It is not a weakness but a great strength to know your limits and to let others help you.

Signing off (salute)- gbop


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