Busy busy busy

I registered for classes- full time!! Back in the game, and it feels good. There are things that make me nervous about diving in again, but I’m happy I’m doing it. I start on the 9th, Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of April I think. This also means that I get to cut down on work, which has begun to feel a little too permanent for me. I need to keep in mind that although I like this job, it is not one I want to settle down in- I have so much more I want to do.

Christmas has begun to feel like a chore rather than an opportunity to see family. I’m sure it will be great, but I hate how commercial it’s become… Actually, i think it’s always been this way. I just didn’t notice so much. What’s funny is that the kids have become the hardest to buy gifts for. Thankfully, I have not caved under the pressure and have great homemade treats. Pictures of course will follow soon. We have homebrewed wine and beer, dried fruits and granola, a hot cocoa mix, and more. 

As much as I like the tradition of family, food, and presents, I’m starting to think about how I want to celebrate this time of year myself. I like this time because the earth lays dormant. It reminds me that all things must rest for a while in order to be fruitful again. It keeps me grateful for the warm seasons, and it’s also a welcome break. 

Oh my goddess, the whole office smells like an italian restaurant! It’s only 11am and the whole place smells like baked pasta and cheese and bread. It’s probably just a little pizza in the toaster oven or something, but people are moaning about it… it’s funny when that happens around here. It’s like people wake up and investigate the heavenly food smells wafting out of the kitchen. Silly. Anyway, it’s crazy yummy smelling.

I’ll update later when i’m not a total crazy nut.


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