brand new places…

I’m fairly sure I’m feeling a new wave of hormones lately. Almost everything I see that is slightly beautiful or inspiring (and trust me, it’s everywhere…) gifts me with a little lump in the back of my throat, and I find myself blinking back awed tears at how much I love my life. Not a bad way to get back in the womanly swing of things, eh? She’s 7 months now, and I am starting to feel much more back to normal physically, and emotionally. This is a good thing, I think. There are ways in which I have to mourn the beautiful pregnancy and post-pregnancy cloud I floated around on for so many months. It was magical. It still is, really. I’m still in a new and refreshing world filled with more love than I ever thought possible. See? I’m gushing. Messy messy. šŸ™‚

I’m going to school. Not just in the "Oh, to hell with it, I’m just going to go…" kind of way, but I’m really able to go now. My dad called me yesterday and said "So, kiddo, why can’t you go to school?" I was confused, I hadn’t talked to him about it from what I could remember, and he started asking me about costs and obstacles and whatnot. I answered him, and he told me he would be happy to pay for half of my tuition to the massage institute, and he’ll cover the costs of child care. AMAZING. I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders in that very instant. I was speechless, and I told him so, and he said "Say thank you!". And so I did. I promptly burst into tears after I got off the phone (see, I’m weepy), and I told Jeff and we were so happy. I called my sister and told her, and she said that I shouldn’t be surprised, but I really was. Not about my dad’s generosity, he’s one of the most generous people I know, but I guess about my deserving of it? I’m a grown up, and I dunno… There’s history there, but I don’t need to go into it now. I am so excited. I love my dad. I love my life.

I did a DITL (Day In The Life) yesterday, and I hope to have that up and running tonight. I just had to post and share my happy news. 

Quote of the day:
"Curl up and close your eyes… you and your traveling dream chair will float through spaces to brand new places." -Sark


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