’bout to go…

Katy’s in town for a few days from Nashville, and I went out with the girls last night. It was great. Sometimes I forget what thoughtful and unique women I have surrounding me. I’m always surrounded by BOYS. Lots of BOYS. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some boys, but I think I need to make a special effort to see the women in my life more. I do see a lot of Rose and my sister, so I am glad for that.
Rose is coming to get me in a few and then we are off to meet the girls yet again.
My brother has been calling me every couple of days lately. I have been really siked for that. It’s great that my siblings and I all love and like each other. We really lucked out. He called me tonight to tell me he figured out how to play one of my favorite songs (Richie Havens version of Here Comes the Sun… check it out, it will change your life). I feel so grateful today… yet again. I wonder if you can die from it?
Project 365

He was poking around the house and through the cupboards like this- I had to snap a picture. There is one boy I will never get tired of…
Sheesh- I’m soooo shmoozy today!


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