Ah, at last! Dry land!

Today has been a perfect example of the wonder that is Murphy’s Law.
I can’t decide if I should laugh or cry. That’s a weird feeling.
I think that I’m going to start job hunting soon. The bullshit is getting a little too hard to dodge these days at my lil ol’ office. Besides, 3 years as a temp is insanity. Speaking of which- Maggie, if there are any openings… you know who to call!
I’d have to say that thus far, the nicest part of my day was talking on the phone to the lady at the bank. What a lovely woman. It reminded me that good people work for icky places all the time. Yay for you, bank woman. You will be rewarded in some deliciously ironic way.
Weird observation of the day: I was thinking about how my day has been ridiculous, and wondering if my higher power is subjecting me to some kind of test, and just then I was grabbing some dog treats for Maya. They were the most delicious smelling things ever.They smell like summer sausage and smoked chicken. And then I realized that I have nothing that appealing to eat in my entire collection of human food. I was actually on the verge of resentment. You know, the way it felt back in elementary school with the kid that always had the lunchables or doritos or some shit.
Anyway. I think I’ve decided on laughter.


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