After X-mas….

Well, I have survived the first of many shared Christmases with Jeff. Not that I was all that worried about it. It’s just that everyone on his side wants to meet me, and everyone on my side wants to meet him. There was no getting around it this year. That is why we are about to embark on our 6th, yes count them, 6th Christmas. Tired of Christmas? Just wait until you inherit an entire new family. Then we can talk.
Anyhow, it’s been nice. It always passes so quickly. I remember looking forward to everything and now here I am. I’ve met new cousins, new aunts and uncles, even a new grandma. She’s great too. Jeff met the more “intimidating” side of my family last night. As we were all sitting around the presents and the little cousins were patiently waiting to open them, my Grandpa says “I think that first we should all welcome Jeff to the family!” and everyone applauded. It was sort of surreal. So then he’s smiling and on the spot(which I thought would be scary for him, but of course not because he’s Jeff and he loves that- it terrifies me…oh I remember…) Anyhow, someone teases and says “SPEECH!”. Everyone assures Jeff that it was a joke, but then Jeff insists and stands and tells everyone how honored he is to be joining my family. He says that I’ve opened his heart so much that it enables him to recieve my family. I almost cried, and everyone was looking at me and smiling. Oh GOD! it was crazy. And then my Grandma says “That’s exactly what your Grandpa said to me 55 years ago and look what happened!”
I think that you know that it’s totally right when you aren’t worried about what your family will think of him/her. When it’s totally possible that people would have had mixed opinions of Jeff, the difference with him is that I don’t care what they think. It’s not that he’s perfect for my family. He’s just for me. So really, the difference is in the way that I love him. Plus, it didn’t hurt that he’s adorable, and they all loved him. So WELCOME JEFF!!! I think I’m doing ok on his side as well. I’m having fun with them, so that’s good. I love them all too.
Well, that’s all I can muster today. Gotta mentally prep for the next batch of family. AHHH!
Oh, by the way, my lovely anacat is turning 21 tomorrow, so all of you that know her, wish her the best. In the 8 years that she has been my best friend, she has grown into an amazing, kind, and selfless woman. She’s mended her heart over and over again, and I have to say that half of us would not have done so well (hey, half of us DON’T). So what I’m really trying to say is that I am SO GRATEFUL THAT YOU WERE BORN AND ARE IN MY LIFE. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. I love you so much, happy birthday elfie.


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