A date, a house plant, kids.

We've been bustling around lately. Lots of projects, people, ideas and plans, etc. Jeff and I are reinstating a "date night" so that we can get grounded and connect in the midst of all this stuff going on. I had a gift certificate so we went downtown and got some seriously delicious sushi. Ah, sushi. Definitely one of my all time favorite things in the world. 

My Christmas cactus is blooming. Love.

Vera the frog. She is so about to be four it blows my mind.

My sweet Asa. Despite all the messes that come with toddlerhood, he's still got the sweetest milky breath, complete and insatiable mama-vision, and just the smooshiest cheeks ever.

He is getting big, though. Stretching out and getting stronger. He's talking a lot too.

He loves men. Furry bearded men are totally nonthreatening to him, and he talks to them with the utmost affection. I wonder if his tall furry father has anything to do with this? It's funny, when the women are all ready to cuddle him and he just goes straight for the dude in the room. Regardless, I am still his favorite.

These two pictures are blurry, but I love them. We were driving for a while and Jeff let Vera out to stretch her legs.

Vera hugging my dad. So sweet.

So spunky lately. I love her mind. I am so glad that she's my kid. Both of my kids, they just fit right into place. 

What? He loves a pretty dress just as much as anyone. 

Daily yogurt bath.

Yep. There ya go. Two updates in two days! 


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