I sat in pee today. It was gross… no, not pleasant like you were thinking. I don’t understand these girls who can’t squat properly. Don’t they understand that they are the reason that people have to squat in the first place? At the very least I would clean up after myself. Sheesh. Besides, how is it that you can miss that very big hole and manage to mostly hit both sides of the rim? It’s just craziness, I tell you, CRAZINESS! I read somewhere that your keyboard is more contaminated than a toilet seat, so if it’s not really disgusting then just sit your ass down. I would rather your pee land in the water than you scratch your germaphobic itch and cause me distress. I will usually be the first to say that germs are a good thing, but unexpectedly wet thighs is a whole different story. I told Jeff about it and he said “Well that’s why I no longer sit down when I go in the ladies room.” I guess I just am a slow learner.

On to the next order of business! I am doing my best to get Christmas stuff all ready and I think it’s gonna be great, maybe really busy towards the end, but I think I should pull it all off without a hitch. I guess I bring that up partially to reassure myself. There is always this part of me that is worried I won’t get done with stuff in time.

I have felt a bit like the 2nd trimester euphoria is wearing off and I’m feeling a little more stressed and emotionally strained. I figure this is all part of the process, and I am trying to think of ways to consciously bring myself back to relaxed mental places. I have decided to be very body positive. I dug up some silly “gifts of the goddess” affirmation cards and will pull one each day! I will get a massage asap after xmas. I will take long hot showers and not care that the hot water runs out. I will watch movies that I love and laugh heartily when I want to. I will eat a massive amount of sushi in January on a date with Jeff. Read this article if you are wondering about the sushi. I will take long walks, catch up with friends, and drink copious amounts of tea. I will start project 365 again with the new year (I am excited to try again). I will have lots of fun preparing for birth and I will ask for help when I need it. That’s all I can think of for now.

Affirmation for the day:

I am patient in the face of delay and obstacles.

Use this gift when you are upset because you or another person is late, stuck in traffic, or when encountering situations that you obviously cannot do anything about at the time. Patience is a great teacher- a sign of maturity and wisdom. If approached with calm and patience, difficult situations have a remarkable way of eventually working out.


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