Happy April everyone.

March 30th:

This is lovely Baloo and to the right is mister Tweeter. These are Rose’s rats. They had ELEVEN love children, so Jeff and I are taking home 2. We are going to make a “rat-i-tat” for them (habitat for rats, if you didn’t get it). Anyway, I was trying to take pictures of the babies but I couldn’t use a flash so it wasn’t really working. Anyway, here are the beautiful parents. We like animals.

March 31st:

We decided to make a quilt for Gretchen and Obeth and baby, so we sent out squares of fabric for folks to decorate. I made a stencil of one of their wedding photos. Below I’ve included pics of the square itself and the original wedding photo. I think it turned out well. I decided to give them the stencil as art, so I just stuck it to some matboard and voila!

<– Jeff’s square (daisies are the birth flower for April)

April 1st:

I liked this photo cuz it had both G and O in the same picture… ha! He was taking pictures much of the time so it was hard to catch him. G warned me that this kind of thing might happen… silly Obeth.

sorry the pics are blurry, i just really hate my stupid flash, and it always seems to blind people when I use it. Dumb flash.

My hubs and the Rose.

Marco plays guitar very well and makes an excellent tempeh pasta salad. Yum.
There’s Obeth taking pictures and running around… His friends were really nice, and it was cool to see everyone together.

This is my favorite picture of the evening. My sister holding baby Eli with her big belly, my little sister Clara looking on lovingly, just waiting for her turn. It’s so… woman and child and sisters. I celebrate the women in my life. yes.

April 2nd:

My dad gave me this HUGE bag of Grumpy Monkey coffee. It smells delicious. I think that’s half the battle with coffee. It has to smell like morning and warmth.

I didn’t do what I was supposed to. At least I posted pictures. I can feel good about that.

“An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.” -Unknown


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