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Wow, sometimes things just really work out.

I’ve had this issue with a bridesmaid recently. I never really meant for her to BE a bridesmaid. But I had coffee with her right after Jeff and I got engaged, and she asked me if she could be one. I was shocked, and had no idea how to handle the situation, so I said something along the lines of “yeah, sure…”
It’s been on my mind for a while now, and i finally got up the nerve to tell her. She was actually relieved. She said that she had been feeling guilty about it for a while, and she is not upset in the slightest that I changed my mind. Wahoo!
On another good note: Jeff and I got the apartment that we’d been wanting. It’s perfect. It’s a 2 bedroom duplex, practically on campus, and has a yard and balcony, and one of those great old deep bathtubs with the feet. I am so siked.
Again, on a good note: Mady Kouyate is looking like a definite possibility. He’s the guy I want to play my precessional. If any of you are interested in some seriously beautiful West African music- check him out.
And the weather is beautiful and isn’t rainy like the forecast said. So HA weathermen!
I’m finally feeling a little better, it’s about time too.
I’m also going to see Medeski, Martin, and Wood tonight- they may be the most fun jazz trio known to man! But who am I?


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8 thoughts on “Wow, sometimes things just really work out.

  1. good shit!

    i can’t wait to help decorate your new love shack! and of course, come over when you aren’t there to mysteriously clean and organize everything in sight!
    i’m glad about d, that couldn’t have worked out better for you. so she’s still coming to the actual wedding, right?
    you have a blast at the concert, do some dancing and know that i am there in spirit:)

    1. Re: good shit!

      i’ll dance my sniffly butt to the ground for ya! and yes, she is still coming, no doubt.
      I love you darling! that talk the other night helped me get through this one!

  2. The whole bridesmaid thing must have been a bit awkward. I’m glad you are both happy.
    And I’m really glad you have a place for the two of you. Its got to be kind of neatto know you’re going to be living together soonish.
    And yes, I shall have to check into this Mady Kouyate person. The rare occasion I get to here African music, I often love it.
    *hugs the Grace* I miss you!

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