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I guess I’ve had a nice couple of days since I last updated. The weather is verrry drippy though, and it makes me want to cuddle up warm with Jeff forever. However, morning after morning I find I must pry myself away from his royal warmness and slip out from under the covers into the cold air. He’s able to sleep late (that’s just until 9am) about every day now that he’s schooling. So it’s beautiful and bittersweet- every morning I remember that I have so many little pockets of bliss in my life.
Today I finished painting the top part of the rocker. It’s looking good with the forest green that Jeff picked out. I knew that it would. Sometimes you just can’t picture those kinds of things ahead of time. Anyway, I think I killed off some brain cells in the process because I couldn’t get the cap off of this thing that cleans the paint off of stuff, and I swear I threw a tantrum. Like, a little kid kind of tantrum. Jeff was playing a gig so I was all alone and grunting and throwing this tin around the house muttering profanities. Maya was just looking at me like I was crazy. I realized that I probably shouldn’t freak out the dog and went to pet her and she started spinning around in circles and jumping. It was just weird. I think i’m ok now 😉 Maya seems fine as well.
For lunch on Thursday’s I treat myself to Le Dog. I mostly just get the lobster bisque- it’s out of this world and there are chunks of lobster like you wouldn’t believe. Today i felt like doing something a little different and I got their tortilla soup. It was so good I thoroughly licked the styrofoam cup it came in (Chris can vouch). So I thought I would try my own version tonight. I think I have a winner.

Soups are great because you can experiment with so many different flavor combinations. I actually came up with something very different from what I had for lunch, and was extremely pleased. To give you an idea, there’s tabasco, cinnamon, parsley, cumin, black beans, tomatoes… Yum. Once I fine-tune it I’ll post it for whoever’s interested.

I’ve been learning about codependency and it’s role in my life. So that’s a work in progress. Sheesh. It’s good though, just brings up some old memories of past codependent relationships. So it’s just a different take is all, a better take.
That’s all I gots. I gots no more. Except for a quote, of course.
“Eat a live toad first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Unknown 


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