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When you awake you will remember everything…

I have recently realized that people can be destructive and negative all in the pursuit of a good time. I don’t really know if I want to be part of it anymore. In fact, I know that I don’t want to be. I’m happy in my life right now, overall, and I notice that when I go to parties and/or have late nights I end up feeling like I’ve wasted a night and exhausted myself. Why is it that I get excited before it all, and then I realize that it’s actually no different from the last party that I went to? Well, whatever. I guess I’m just coming to a point where I don’t have much patience for drunken small-talk, and I don’t like watching people (including myself) become strange and uncomfortable all in the name of “good fun”. It’s not really good fun!
Good fun includes: Art, music, conversation, food, humor, the “small stuff” (eg. marshmallows, a hug, etc.), exercise, an occasional drink with friends, and just plain being good to your mind and body.
I will try to practice this kind of fun, actively, and I will update on my reflections.
This Saturday I hope to go see Nickel Creek with my lovely friend Annie. That will be fun. Real fun.
Anyway, that’s all for now…


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4 thoughts on “When you awake you will remember everything…

  1. who was being “destructive and negative”? why exactly did you feel wasted/exhausted? What drunken small talk happened? I’m not sure I understand the scope of your experience that night, and was a little surprised by your entry. I hope it wasn’t as bad as it sounds! But anyway, I’m all for other types of fun too. Like the concert, and eating really good food, and taking walks downtown, and watching old classics….

    1. It wasn’t just the party. I was mainly talking about other experiences on top of the negativity I picked up from that guy Brian.
      I had a good time! I’m just gaining new perspective. Yay for that, yes?

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