What can I do?

I am under the distinct impression that the human race is killing everything. We are ruining the world. I am hoping that I get some clue as to what I can do to help the situation. As it stands right now, I feel like it’s all just hopeless. I make strides in my life to improve things, but I do NOT feel like the ant with the rubber tree plant today. I will for sure continue my quest to live more sustainably each day, but what can I possibly do to save the world? HELP! I read that they suspect 2007 to be the hottest year on record. There are buds on the trees. There are tulips coming up. IT’S JANUARY!!! What can be done??? I love my world. I love being here, I love the life that graces the planet, I love it too much to be at peace with it all going to shit.
Plan of action… To all who want it, I will send a copy of An Inconvenient Truth to you and whoever wants it. Just post a comment saying you want one (or more), and your address. If you’re worried about the copy part of it… I doubt the earth minds. I certainly don’t. It’s OKAY. I’ll even include a… treat! Yes a treat! No, you can’t know what the treat is.
More later.

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  1. lilpeace

    I would like 1,246 copies please.

    And a treat to go with each of them.

    No really, I have that many friends who have friends who have friends who have friends. Really.

    REALLY, really…don’t despair. I have been stuck on this quote lately, but Mother Theresa (in her infinite wisdom) once said, “We can do no great things in this life, only small things with great love.”

    She talked a lot about the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously or magnifying our role in the universe. Basically she said the best you can do is to love people fiercely and take care of your own, plus a few more. And that’s good enough. You just do exactly what you can, and as long as you’re not a big slacker who pretends you can’t do anything–you’re probably not going to hell.

    That’s the other comfort. I don’t really know where our toasted little bodies (er…souls) will end up after we fry the planet, but I don’t really think they’ll be Gone Forever. I could be wrong, but at least I’m satisfied to live with the delusion that I am not in control here…which means that something bigger than me is in control…which means they have a plan for the toasted humans, and their earth.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Hurrah! I’ll be waiting patiently for my copies, thank you.

  2. pearlstreetdiva

    i want a copy!!! i’ll trade you a mixed cd.
    3117 dorris ave
    columbus, oh 43202

    i have lots of movie time being a human pacifier you know…


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