What a weekend…

Action packed and so full of soul, I tell ya! Friday I went to dinner with Jeff at this little coney island that is surprisingly famous and delish. Then we went to see Walk the Line, which I loved completely…
Saturday I poked around for a little while, then I went to Folk Festival and saw 5 hours of fabulous live music. So fun.
Sunday we relaxed, went out for sushi, watched a movie under a blanket. It was oh-so-nice.
I think the thing that set this weekend apart from the others is that I’m back at work and I don’t feel like I just left. Many times the weekend blurs into a long night, and then I’m back on Monday and I wonder where it all went.
Chris! Sorry I didn’t call you back Friday, after the movie we had to pick my folks up from the airport, so I couldn’t have gone with you guys anyway. Call me soon:)
Diane- it was nice to see you the other day, hope you’re feeling better after those truffles!

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“Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.” -Brendan Gill


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