What a crazy and complicated world we live in!

Last night I had a date with my dad. It was fabulous. I feel like life has become this large salad bowl of opportunities. Wowsa!
We went and got really great Thai food first. Talked about school and life and what not. Then we went to see Sister Helen PreJean talk about the death penalty. oh my god, it was so inspirational! Buy her books, the money goes to support the cause.
Afterwards, my dad ran into an old friend of my mom and his. He started talking about the Seamless Garment movement (for those of you that don’t know- it is a radical non-violence movement). To preface this a little bit, this woman used to be a Dominican nun. During the course of the conversation, she became visibly uncomfortable with the idea of NO violence, ever. interesting. She told my dad that he had a calling. He brightened and said “yeah, I think I do!”
We talked about it in the car, and I realized that I am not as “nonviolent” as I would’ve liked to be. I have problems accepting a fully “pro-life” stance, and I struggle with the idea that I wouldn’t be able to fight for my kids. It denies all my basic animal instincts. I need to do some re-evaluating. It challenged me to define my beliefs. I think that could be a good thing, if I can figure them out already!
anyhow, if any of you are interested, here are a couple of sites that may help you to see what I did last night.


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