I am quitting smoking again, and it feels good. Day one, in the bag. I’m fortunate because I quit for a while, then just socially smoked, and then just a once or twice a day thing. So I’m not plagued with physical withdrawal or anything- but I have a massive headache(that doesn’t go away with medicine or H2O. hmmm) and I am harboring a resentment against the tobacco companies. HAHA. What a laugh.

My issue is: if they had never made this HIGHLY addictive drug available to people daily, we wouldn’t know what we were missing. I think maybe you can only understand this if you’ve been a smoker: it’s like, now that you’ve been a smoker, you’re always a smoker at heart. The nature of addiction. The only defense against it now is to just not do it anymore. But it’s not like it was. Not like before you smoked. Now we are “non-smokers”. I see people on the street who are smoking and I get jealous and whiny in my head as if to say “How come they can have one and I can’t!!” sick. truly sick. Anyway. My theory is- if they had never introduced it to us, nobody would smoke like this. There would be the occasional pipe-smoker. But not on this GYGUNGUS SCALE!!!! So I’m pissed off at the industry. Great. How original of me. Anyway, quit smoking everyone. And if you don’t smoke, good, keep it that way.

I think I may be finally owning this… Yay for GRACE the non-smoker! Or, more appropriately: GRACE



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