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We are a healthy bunch around here, usually. So, when the plague of death hit us yesterday, I spent a good deal of time wondering if we had food poisoning. But, soon Jeff got it, and then I got word that little Max and my sister were sick too. However unpleasant we all are feeling, I’m grateful it is just a virus. If it had been food poisoning it would have come from my stash of carefully stored and prepared food, and that would just bum me out. Anyway, the worst seems to have passed. Vera and I were feeling a bit better by the end of the night last night, and Jeff seems to have gotten through the worst of it now. Anyway, seeing as how food is the last thing I really want to think much about right now, I thought I’d share the recipe for "Miracle Drink". My mom used to give it to us whenever we had the stomach flu. It would settle our tummies, and replace electrolytes. I actually used it in labor, too. 

Miracle Drink

1 teaspoon salt in a quart of water
1 teaspoon sugar in a quart of water
Orange/Tomato Juice

Then mix:
3 oz sugar water
2 oz juice
1 oz salt water

Drink a tablespoon of that mixture every 10-15 minutes to settle an upset stomach.

I’m hoping that all of you stay well this season. 


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