WFP: Love and beans…

I’m happy to report that my first big canning session is done… and it was accomplished at a mere 2 days postpartum! Crazy, no? I think it’s hilarious. Basically what happened was when my family came to meet little Asa on Saturday they also saw that I had a crazy amount of bush beans that were on the verge of being overripe! Before I knew it a bunch of them had rolled up their sleeves and harvested what they could. They tipped a bunch and put them all in my fridge in big bags, and then promised to return to help me deal with them.

So many beans! There’s more, too. We’ll likely do a batch of dilly beans this week. I love those!! I’m amazed already by this harvest- we planted them in just two raised beds!

So Monday my mom took the day off work and came by with my friend to help me get these suckers canned! I would have just taken the easy route and frozen them, but they were just a little too ripe for that- so canning would soften them just enough to keep them yummy. 

They also went through the garden and harvested all this. I think stuffed squash is in my future. The garden is really getting productive already!

The view from my kitchen window that night. So much love! Seriously, I couldn’t have been happier with the kind of energy I received that day. A little sore, unable to do much myself because I’m recovering from having a baby two days before… and some of my favorite people came and showed me just how well they know me and care for my family. It was beautiful.

The result. It’s the first installment in my root cellar for the year. Definitely a project this month is to clean that place out and get it really organized for the fall.

Anyway, a big part of why I love food the way that I do is for exactly these reasons. It not only nourishes people, but it brings them together for a common purpose. While it seems like a small thing, having my loved ones pull together to help keep us from losing some of our harvest was a real message of love and respect for what we’re doing. Not to mention all the other family and friends who have brought us food each day so that we won’t have to make it. I have visions of years to come- full of gardening and canning, helping loved ones recover, simple and beautiful meals around a breezy outdoor table… It’s a happy time in my life, and it makes me proud to welcome Asa into such a great community of people. 

And for good measure- Vera, in nothing but an apron, helping Papa make omelets this morning. My little naked chef.


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