WFP: Homemade fizzy drinks!

So, you know how I brew kombucha and am a total convert? Well, my SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts) got mold twice in a row… I have no idea what happened! I was waiting for another culture from my friend and I caved and bought a few of those GT’s kombuchas from the store. They are so expensive! But anyway, one thing I notice about that kind is how incredibly fizzy it is. My homemade stuff is nice and has a little bubble to it, but nothing like that. I am not sure what they do to get it so fizzy. So, I recently got these new bottles with a flip top, and so I’m starting to do a second ferment- which, so far, has definitely improved the carbonation factor. It’s not explosive or anything, but more fizzy. So that’s cool. πŸ™‚ 


Also, I’m doing more water kefir. I wasn’t sure about it- I had never tasted it outside of my own brewing of it. It was… different. I guess it’s like that with all of the fermented goodies I eat now. At first you just have to get used to it a little. But now I’ve got a taste for it, and I’m learning how to flavor it in ways I like. It’s not quite as fizzy as kombucha, but the second fermentation with a little fruit definitely helps. On the left is one flavored with lemon juice, and on the right is one flavored with blueberries.

The kids totally love it, and will drink an entire quart in no time. I think in general I prefer kombucha (probably because I’m so used to it), but it takes a good 7 days at least to be finished, whereas the water kefir is done in 3 days.  

When I asked Vera how she liked it, she was enthusiastic!

I really can’t praise these drinks enough! They are delicious and probiotic- helping maintain your health rather than destroy it like so many other beverages these days. I am a big fan!

Garlic scapes are up in the garden. Our first harvest, since we were so late with everything else. They are so good. I’ve been throwing them in everything. Yum! Also pictured are local swiss chard and asparagus, which also are making appearances in most of our meals.

What are you eating this spring?

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