WFP: Food in the new year

I find myself here, Wednesday again, and feeling less than inspired. I suppose it’s to be expected. Jeff is working two part time jobs now, I’m busy with my new job and taking care of these two kids and the house, and food just… happens. Soon my sister and her two kids will be here (this weekend), and I’m guessing that food will have to be a bit more simple and organized to work for us. Although I don’t feel that creative, I do find that I frequently make really surprisingly delicious meals out of the bare bones of my fridge and pantry. I make it work. I don’t have a specific vision for what we’ll eat, and so I think it opens me up to new things. I’m sure this will happen over the next few months, and it’ll be nice to have my sister around to help with it all. Jeff is definitely helpful when I need him to be, but he tends to go the meat and potatoes route most of the time. Delicious, but just not an every night affair. So, I’m thinking we may be busting out my More With Less cookbook a bit more often, and possibly making certain food nights- for example a "soup night" or a "roast night" or what have you. I think a new kitchen chalkboard may be in order, although I’m not sure where that would fit. I’ll make it fit! I’ve always wanted a kitchen chalkboard… I’ll keep you all posted on what kinds of changes we experience- suddenly feeding 6 people rather than 3 (and soon to be 7 people- little Asa will be nibbling soon enough!) is bound to have its challenges, but ultimately I think it will be a good thing for everyone. I’m even hoping that we save some money, collaborating and whatnot.

Shamefully, this is the only food picture I have from the holiday. It’s Jeff’s lovely spinach, mushroom, and bacon quiche. He made four different quiches all together for two different events, and I was so grateful. I often feel just a little overwhelmed having to make food for all the different gatherings, and he was really helpful this year.

The new year is also upon us, and I’m thinking about how to keep on this path. Our journey with food is far from over, and I’m going to challenge myself to think about ways that I can be better over the next year. Some of my ideas are, for instance, whittling away at our non-local food stuff, and researching more locally sourced stuff. Also getting back into baking our own bread with local grain. I also plan to learn how to hunt this fall… Mostly I want to learn. With this new job I feel like I’m a sponge for information, and I have a great excuse to tap on the doors of those with more experience than I do and just soak up that knowledge. Who knows where I’ll be this time next year! I feel proud of what we’ve done this year- not just because of what we accomplished, but because we’re works in progress. We took chances, we were willing to fumble and learn from our mistakes, and we had a lot of fun doing it. I look around today and I’m that much further than I was last year. I hope that each year I can see a small measure of growth. What about you? What are hoping to do in the next year, food-wise? What have you done that you’re proud of? Nothing is too small (or too big!). Chime in- I want to know what your plans are or what you’ve learned. 🙂 


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