WFP: And so it begins…

I’m actually starting to remember the way this time of year feels… this dance we do around here. Everything in the garden starts to plump up and it starts coming in faster than we know how to handle. I fill baskets and big bowls with everything the garden offers us, my limited counter space starts to disappear, and I stare at it all- a bit confounded.

And then I start to remember… I remember all the things I loved from last year and want to do again. I move a little bit faster, a little bit surer of myself. I do a few more things from memory, and feel pleased that I didn’t have to run for the recipe book like last year. I start to think of all of the things I’ve yet to try, all the ways that I can do better this year.

Summer squash pesto pizza, anyone?!

Soon enough, I start to surrender to the mess of it all- the crazy outdoor work station, the millions of ways I have to store everything and the little time to do it all in… not to mention a little one always wanting to eat just a couple of bites out of each vegetable before I get to it! (this year I am combating squirrels and kiddos…) I also surrender to the loss of some of those veggies. It happens. Life just moves too quickly sometimes, and that’s okay.

Mostly though, I feel awed and grateful. And that’s why I think this has worked so well for me so far. I am drowning in zucchini and over-ripe cucumbers, and I just love it. I love being fed by the earth. I feel this rhythm in my bones. I don’t feel anxious or irritated by this job. Storing good food for my family, and closing the gap between myself and what sustains me… it feeds my spirit.

Dried summer squash, for use in soups and casseroles throughout the year.

The tomatoes have only started to turn color, and so I know that we’re only at the beginning. I’m excited. My endurance is building. I feel more creative and more confident. I can sense my instincts perking. I’m learning about letting go of perfection, because that’s not what this is about. 

Sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled okra. (all lacto-fermented)

Lacto-fermented zucchini.

Chili peppers from last year that are now being used for kimchi.

Oh August, how I love you. It brings me so much pleasure to be feeling a true part of this season. I am thriving and productive, just like my precious garden. And the food? Oh my. I took a bite of a fresh tomato this evening. It was so good it made me close my eyes and moan a little… Mmmmhmmm.

How are your gardens growing? Are you storing anything this year?


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