WFP: A great day for a picnic

Today was so nice out. Breezy, sunny, perfect. We decided to have a picnic. 

We made simple wrap sandwiches, brought out carrot sticks and pickles, and a little avocado for baby. Oh yes, and store bought kombucha because my SCOBY has gotten mold twice in a row now! I’m so bummed. I’ll be brewing again shortly, though, as my friend has a new baby for me. Word to the wise- if you brew your own kombucha, give the gift of many SCOBYs! They are your insurance when disaster strikes! Anyway, I miss it, and so I bought some. It is so delicious.


My little sister is all moved in now for the summer, and we are having a good time. We eat. We smile. 


I mean really, what’s this life for if not to have a picnic lunch out in the back yard with your loves? 

I’ve got it made, I tell you. Here’s to many more picnic lunches, breezy sun-kissed days, and to always finding pleasure in the simple things.


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