Autumn is so close I can taste it. My garden is doing well, albeit a tad neglected. As usual. I'm grateful I'm not in it for perfection. But, all the same, I still end up reveling at the perfection that comes out of it. Check out this awesome purple carrot.

And the inside is like a sunset… Amazing.

With this new fire under us to just further refine our locavore habits, I'm doing a lot of thinking about various things. There are many things that I can get locally that are doused in chemical fertilizers and pesticides… Most things I can either grow or find organic, but fruit is one of those things that I'm having to look a little harder at. You'll notice that I didn't go strawberry picking this year. Sad, but true. I couldn't figure out how to do it without worrying about my kids- juicy and joyful though they would be. I just would be thinking about the inevitable toxic load they would bear from a years worth of pesticide-laden strawberries. Ugh. I can find organic blueberries and raspberries, but that's about it when it comes to fruit around here. I have high hopes for finding some organic apples, but who knows. As for corn (another thing I can't really grow in the quantity I want), I'm less concerned about it being organic, as I know that the husk serves to protect us somewhat. Anyway, some things I'm just determined to try to grow myself- who cares that I don't have more land?! I'm going for it. 
I dismantled these beds because they were constantly trampled by the dog and babies, and they were too shaded anyway. 

I set up two new perennial beds in sunny patches in the yard. One for strawberries, one for herbs. They'll be on a rotation together- 3 years and then I'll swap them. 

Anyway, the idea with these beds is to create a little multi-level thing, that affords me more root space for the plants. This should help me plant a bit more intensively in the space. 

I bought 20 new strawberry plants, and I had 6 plants in containers on the patio to transplant.

Multi-level raised bed! 

Now filled with strawberry plants.

I had four plants left over and so we put them in front of Vera's play house. She was very proud and excited that her little plot would churn out some delectable fruits.

I'm getting better at feeding myself in the way that I want to- even when I'm super busy with everything else. Today was pretty packed- I've been moving most of the day, visited with two friends and kids, worked in the yard, on the house, etc. It's living around here. So around 2pm I put a roast that I'd defrosted in a pan, added salt, pepper, herbs, tomatoes, carrots, and garlic. 325 degrees, until dinner time.

Around 6 I boiled some pasta, then I pureed the roasted veggies and herbs with the pan drippings and added a little sour cream. I pulled apart pieces of the roast, and gave each person a bowl full of pasta, sauce, meat and a little shredded cheese. Total work involved- about 15 minutes. That's fast food right there.

What are you eating lately? What kinds of questions do you ask about food in your area? 


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