Although I am definitely in the midst of the holiday frenzy, I realized while I was making lunch that it was Wednesday. And so, quickly, some food:

This is pretty basic fare around these parts at this time of year. I threw this soup together in just a matter of minutes, but it’s so satisfying. A can of tomatoes, a can of corn, a can of collard greens with bits of ham, a can of pinto beans, a chopped up onion and a couple of cloves of garlic, a little homemade chicken stock, some salt, pepper, cumin, and dried basil. Voila! Most stuff was homegrown, and it was all local except for the spices (although the basil was homegrown) and beans.

Tonight is our little Solstice party, and Vera and I made the walnut mocha torte again… Vera helped by "taste testing" and she did most of the decorating. Yay! We’ll just have a quiet little circle of friends, a few gifts, lots of candlelight, and good food. 


I probably won’t be back in this space until next week, so until then- stay warm and be well!



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