Well I’m up early…

It’s another 5am day with John. I don’t mind though. I just need a little coffee and a good book. Anyway, my friend pearlstreetdiva  was just talking about how she just does NOT like winter. She was asking about why winter is possibly good except to make things sort of bland and cold, and these are the things that I had:

Ok, benefits of winter BESIDES "it makes you love the other seasons better" are as follows:

-Snow is beautiful
-Sledding, snowmen, snow angels, etc.
-scarves and hats and mittens and sweaters and warm socks(I am surprised you could give those up!)
-Many plants and animals are adapted to have a winter, and so to suddenly get rid of it would be to lose all these plants and animals… SAD!
-Sort of an obscure one, but many of the benefits in traditional diets wouldn’t exist without the need for food storage over the winter. For instance, fermented foods like sauerkraut, etc. are really really good for people to eat- it’s like a probiotic wonderland. I doubt it would exist if people were able to grow food year round. Many cultures rely on this food now as part of their cultural life and also for their health- like kimchi at every Korean meal.

I thought of another couple just now-

-All of the symbolism of winter in poetry, art, etc. would be gone- and how often is life really like spring and summer all the time?
-Personally I don’t like being too hot. When I’m cold I can adjust things, but too hot is just that… too hot.

So I wanted to open it up. Perhaps I’m just fooling myself, but I think that everyone can find some reason for winter being a lovely time. I’m also getting a little tired of it myself, so I’d like to think of the positives. So tell me! What makes winter special to you?


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