Well I could go for an icy cold… NOT WORK right now.

it’s just that it’s Friday. And I’m seriously mentally done with everything for the week. D-O-N-E.
So yeah. I plan to go home and snuggle with my Jeff, and relax. Yes.
Anacat- we need to go to more concerts and get info about that African dance class. So much fun.
Have a good weekend everyone!


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  1. vianna_dufaye

    If you are talking about an African dance class, you’ll get to see a bit of what you will be doing tomorrow. Biza teaches the class.

  2. anacat

    let’s get the info

    let’s call the dnce studio (where is it?) and find out more, I’m totally open to it! And of course, 1000% YES we need to go to more concerts. good ones and bad ones. just live, real music! What a breath of fresh air!!!


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