Wednesday food post- sharing a few of my favorites lately…

I thought today I could just share a few of the things that I follow or have caught my eye lately- there are so many awesome people out there doing unique and interesting things in the food world.

First- this awesome video on pickling. This video is a great introduction to the world of lacto-fermented foods. This woman is so clearly passionate about what she does, and man do I want to go visit that shop…

That’s just one video of particular interest to me, but that whole series of "Obsessives" is really fun.

That last one is a video about the Dervaes Family- a source of great inspiration for me. They are really living proof that we can take this food business back into our own hands, and be nothing but the better for it. Their website is great:

Here are a few other blog type websites that I love to visit:  
(definitely visit this woman’s "Recipe Index", it’s amazing! I check this blog every other day, she gives me great ideas )
(this is a woman who is really good at menu planning and food prep, and she’s also really thorough about explaining the why’s and how’s of her methods)
(a former city-dwelling business owner, this woman moved out to a farm with no former experience and just went for it. She’s funny, has lots of adorable farm animals, and is really in love with swiss chard. This is her food blog which gets more active in the summer, but her farm blog is here:  . She’s also got great recipes.)
(This is a new one for me, but looking really delicious. This woman eats mostly vegetarian- so it’s a good site for my veggie friends out there, but anyone really. Eat more veggies!)
(I loved this book, and I actually have it out from the library to read again. Just check it out- it’s amazing what people can do if they put their minds to it. Food not lawns!)

Here are some resources that I use regularly:

That last link is a big one- you’ll see that I link to it often because it’s full of really valuable information about real food, real nutrition, and also the real dangers of some of the foods/methods of production, etc. I’m not a total convert to everything, but for the most part the Weston A. Price Foundation has given me no reason to doubt their motives, and I’ve learned so much from them.

Information on raw milk- benefits and safety info, as well as a list of known distributors.


Anyway, there’s so much out there- I’ll be sure to share the things I come across more regularly. Do you have any resources/blogs/videos to share with me?

*I’m sorry if some of this is not working properly- LJ is doing weird things to this entry… 


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