Watch it! She might get ya!

My friend csgraham and I went out for dinner the other night. It was one of those places where the cooks are out in the open on this big circular grill thing and they throw your food around with sticks and stuff. Fun, loud, you get the idea. Anyway, it became clear as we approached the grill that Vera was frightened by the commotion. She clung to me like a little monkey. We just kept getting closer and I held her and said soothing words and rubbed her back. We were finally at the grill station and I think she realized that I was not understanding the danger of the situation. She took matters into her own hands and, well…

She just made these faces over and over at the cooks. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

Who knew I had a ferocious baby? Don’t piss Vera off. I mean it. You piss her off and she will mess you up.


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  1. see_anotherside

    That is hilarious! She has such a great personality, she looks really fun!

  2. csgraham

    Pictures turned out well

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Yeah, I got comments from family that said they were surprised that a cell phone took them. I can’t thank you enough for taking these… I die, oh, 7 times a day looking at them. Good think I come back to life quickly enough.

  3. afistinthefrill

    omg! hahahahaha. i seriously laughed out loud right in the middle of the computer lab. those pictures are priceless! definitely need to be filed away in the, “to show future boyfriends” category 😉

  4. purerandomness

    Hahahaha!! She is too cute! And ferocious. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side!

    Poor baby, didn’t the cooks come over to smile at her? I would think that they’d love to cook for a baby!
    PS– You just started a craving for Mongolian now… I guess we’ll have to go sometime soon!

  5. poppleshatesyou

    hahahahahaha, fierce bebe!

  6. pithy_epigrams

    OMG! The BEST thing ever. Right there.

  7. unicorntapestry

    haha! I love you Vera! And I will never mess with you or your family when you are making those faces. I promise. Well, maybe not when you’re a hormonal teen, but that’s a ways off.

  8. stupidfool

    haha, those pictures are GREAT!! i think i’ve scrolled by them once or twice on my friend’s page now, and every time i see them, i just have to smile!

  9. 93_millionmiles

    Ahahaha! She’s such a sweet little girl.

  10. misocrunchy

    Hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud SO hard.

  11. robinbronwen



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