Vacation, and my 28th trip around the sun.

Well, the stars have been aligned just-so lately. Or that's what I've been reading anyway, and most of the people I talk to seem to be feeling similarly. It's a time in my life that feels very… tumultuous. I'm learning a lot. There are many unknowns, lots of messes both in the abstract as well as physical sense. I usually feel a lot of purpose and understanding about why the things are the way they are and the direction I need to go, but lately a lot of that has been thrown up in the air. I feel solid in myself and my little family, but otherwise it's a time of fierce transition and molding for me. Some loss. Some anxiety. Some joy, of course. Humility. Spiritual exploration and a sense of opening. Lots of new opportunities and growth- all of it so close I can taste it. I enjoyed my 28th birthday this past week. It was my "golden" birthday, too. 27 was a bangin year, I must say. They are all good. I really like being alive. I don't really have more to say about it than that… simply put- I'm learning and growing, I'm well-loved, and I'm a grateful happy woman. Not much more I can ask for, really.

Okay, so vacation from a few weeks ago. It was lovely. I love how just a peaceful space and the decision to keep it simple can have such an effect on a weary soul. I needed the rest, and the peace from those five days lasted a while after. I'm finishing books for the first time in years (which really means that I'm just sticking to one or two and seeing them through, rather than reading half a dozen at a time…), and I'm resolved to simplify my physical life enough to feel more peace about that part of things. We cancelled our Netflix when we got home (set to turn off in two days, so hopefully I'll be writing more…). It's funny how such a short little vacation inspires you to refine things and gives such perspective. Oh, also, you forget how amazing the stars are and how connected we are (supposed to be) to the sky. There was one night where we saw a dozen shooting stars, one with a thick tail that ran behind it. Incredible. Anyway, I'll just give you a peek of that week because it's late-ish and I'd really just like to hang out with my Jeff and relax for the rest of the night. So here we go, just photos.

I plan to give you all a more specific update of what's actually happening over here soon.



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