Well, I suppose I’ve always believed that what is supposed to happen will. It’s hard to see that in all areas of my life when I’m in the midst of the problem. I guess now, with enough experience with this kind of thing I can always give myself one piece of advice: Step away from the wreckage. I think that we have the privelage of being in a generation that has the ability to obtain massive amounts of information and use it to our benefit. However we don’t. We are a generation similar to that of the Vietnam. We have a reason to get up off our asses. We have the ability. But we don’t. At best we’re damn good talkers. I am troubled by the fact that today I take responsibility for where my country is. I will not waste my time feeling angry. I did this. I didn’t do enough. I voted. But I did not do anything. If I had done what I could have, maybe things would be different. Maybe we can use this angry energy and convert it into something useful and hopeful. I hate to sound cliche, but we can do it together. What’s IT? I’m not totally sure, but definitely not what we have. We are lazy, angry, spoiled kids. But we have a human spirit that knows better.
Perhaps this is a blessing.


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