Update Shmupdate

All is well in the world of Grace. I suppose that’s why I never update.

Ya know what I wonder? How many people on livejournal everyday update about never updating. I bet it’s close to half. That’s funny. I guess from now on if I feel like I should say something like that I just won’t. I’ll just dive right into what I was going to say in the first place. Unless that’s all I was going to say, in which case I have a problem…

This weekend is a long one (hoorah) and I’m going camping, and going to my wonderful sister’s big party. I’m WAY too excited about it all, cuz i keep thinking it’s Friday. I don’t know why. I’ll get a shot of adrenaline when I think that, and then I come down because I realize it’s only Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday (in today’s case). I guess that means I need a vacation. How appropriate.

Assignment for the day: No whining, snickering, or worrying about money.


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