Ugga wugga

I had kind of a rough day yesterday, but it’s just one of those things… for balance I guess. I did get to see An Inconvenient Truth again, so that was great and awe inspiring. Afterwards my sisters and my bro-in-law went to my parent’s house for flourless cake. It was really good. 
During the course of dessert my mom told a story about how she once thought she was going to spontaneously combust. She was cooking and she notices a trail of smoke that was wafting in front of her face. She concluded that she must have burned something, so she stepped back from the stove to take a look. As she stepped back the ribbon of smoke followed. She realized that she was smoking. For a brief moment she believed that she was about to burst into flames. She thought of the toddler playing on the floor next to her, and worried that she would be forever traumatized by witnessing her own mother’s flamy demise. But then she realized it was just her sweater. She leaned too far over the burner. She thought to herself “Thank God I didn’t burst into flames today!”
Now my mother is not crazy, she’s the furthest thing from a paranoid person. But this story solidifies my theory that you can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for.
Are you happy you didn’t burst into flames today? I sure am.


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