Tuula Mama!

HAHAHAHA! I have discovered something!
Follow this link. Click on the song Thula Mama. Sounds like a song for my sister if I’ve ever heard one. She’s Tuula’s mama!
This song makes me happy.

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  1. lilpeace

    Ah! And that’s in Zulu! I tried to find the lyrics online but can’t find them anywhere :(. If you find them let me know…

  2. lilpeace

    I found out it is actually a traditional lullaby sung in the Xhosa language. It means “Hush Mother”…

    So I guess Thula means Hush but also like “be peaceful.”

    And we listened to it with Tuula on my lap and she fell asleep. 🙂

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      I love you guys…


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