Today is my spring break

Today I had this strange feeling… I woke up on time and then decided that I didn’t have to go to my first class. I went back to sleep. I woke up to Jeff coming back home from school. He said he just didn’t want to go to his other classes today. This is completely unheard of for Jeff, so I asked what was wrong. He said “nothing. I just want to be home today.” I thought about it, and so do I. It made me realize that I can do exactly what I want to today.
I’m not going to get a break next week. I still have homework and projects to work on. I have events to plan, people to see, etc. Even today Jeff and I have a meeting with his dad to talk about maybe buying this house we want (VERY EXCITING- i’ll share in a bit). I just have to work those two days I would be getting off, which means I’ll be waking up earlier and getting home later than I would from classes.
I like school, but I just want to play today. I havent’ been able to read recreationally since the drive to NY. Last weekend was completely crazy and fun, but left me feeling like I’d never slept. I have projects I want to work on. I need to put away my clothes in my bedroom. I want to go for a loooong walk with Maya. Today is my spring break. Amen.


Yes, it’s a two-parter, and no I don’t know if that’s cheating. I just wanted to put both of these pictures up because they were in the span of 5 minutes. I was on my way to my lab and the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 20 feet ahead. It was so still and warm (compared to what it has been). It awakened my senses. Everything slowed down and I was just watching for clues as to what to do next. It was great. Then I got to school and just like that the sun came out. There was a this glowy mist around everything- the fog was still there but caught the light. A nice way to start my day.

So we’ve been talking about buying a house. GAH! I’ll go into more detail about it later (ya know, like, how we can do it and why we would want to at this point in our lives, etc). But basically, it just might happen.

I decided to make a bulletin board. I needed one, but they sell them for too much. So I saw this sheet cork at the hardware store for like a buck fifty and snatched it up. I think it’s going to turn out lovely.

K, so now I’m back from that meeting with J’s dad. We did our taxes too. This means my brain won’t work anymore tonight.


The people across the street are having yet another party. Such endurance…


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