Tired and irritated.

Project 365:

April 25th:

April 26th:

My friend Becky is doing this hair-contest thingy, and she’s using my hair for a “fantasy” do thingy. I’ll talk more later. I’m just pooped.


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  1. csgraham

    That’s pretty awesome. Tomorrow when I get off work I’ll call you. Maybe we’ll go get my check and watch us some ‘The Invisible’? Dinner too.
    I’ll see if Bennychacka wants to go too.

    Talk later. Much love.


  2. wantucket


    Holy sha-moly! you are crazy to have so much hair! it looks like it would throw you all off balance.

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Re: wowza!

      Wantucket you have made my day. This is probably the first thing you’ve ever done on LJ, I am very proud. Wowza to you, dear lady… wowza to you.

  3. csgraham

    So-a did-a she-a win-a the-a contest-a? Looks like a winner to me. But then, I didn’t see the others.


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