Time for Activity #1

Today is my birthday. I’m twenty three. Hooray! Jeff is at the store getting breakfast supplies, and he has a day of “activities” for us. I’m sure this will be interesting and fun.
I like to think of things I may have learned over the past year, or am looking forward to in the coming… so here goes. I think that I learned things about myself this year in terms of becoming less of a “doormat.”  This past year, on that note, has also been one where the friends that used to be ever present are now more on the sidelines and only a few are around like they used to be. At first I think this was a little awkward, to have a quieter social life than before, but in a lot of ways I’m really grateful for it. I took a great communications class that I thought was going to be a real bore but it turned out to be just what I needed. She said that we only have a certain capacity for relationships, and so if we have a few close friends we can be more attentive and caring towards them, and if we have many then the relationships tend to be a little more surfaced. Well I am definitely the few and deep kind of girl, and when I think about the friends I don’t really see much anymore, it’s mostly because I don’t want to go to the bar all the time. So really I’m not missing much in the way of intimacy there, and when I do see them it’s great. Basically I think this has been a year where I socially grew up a bit more. Always a good thing!
I don’t really know, this year has just been GOOD. Not spectacular or crazy, just really really good. In the coming year I of course am looking forward to the birth of my sprout this winter. That actually is sort of the center of all of it. All the other changes that are going to take place are pretty much around that one. I do feel a great sense of calm about it lately. Every time I start to get overwhelmed or nervous, or get a trapped feeling, I remember that my life is not really something I ever wanted to dictate. I have always wanted it to pass over me like water, and that’s exactly what it’s doing. I also have enough faith in my own direction that I can safely say that I know I will be happy in this. I am happy.
I dunno, a year older, a year wiser, and certainly more grateful.
And now, because I need to, a few pictures.

I couldn’t for the life of me get the “belly” picture to not be ridiculously blurry- so this is what you get.


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