The universe strikes again!

So my broom… it broke. A couple of weeks ago, the long handle just broke in half leaving me with a broom that stood not quite to my waist. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem, but with a shedding dog, dirty garden feet running through the house, daily crumb happenings, and my big ol’ belly that can’t bend over the same way… it was just the wrong time for this to happen. Every time I tried to sweep up I would have to plop on the couch afterwards like it was some big feat. So I said "Universe! I would like a broom!"

Now I know I could just run up to the store and get a new broom, but with the way the universe works these days, a beautiful broom would have come my way right afterwards and taught me a lesson. "Don’t buy new!" it tells me, over and over. Lately though, this house full of lovely wood floors needs to be swept every day, and there’s no way that’s happening unless someone else does it. So yeah, it’s not happening. As such, we’ve been living with crumbs stuck to our feet and parts of these wood floors resemble a carpet made entirely out of Maya-fluff. 

And then Jeff comes home from work yesterday with a big yellow stick in his hand. A broom handle that he found on the side of the road. And there it is folks. The universe provides us again with what we need. I just laughed and laughed. Then I swept with it. It was amazing. 

It’s not exactly the new sturdy broom I was envisioning, but it totally works and I am grateful.

37 week belly photo. Since this is likely my last pregnancy, I’m trying to document it a little more than I did with Vera. So full of baby! I’m not in a rush to give birth, but I am at the point where I’ll be grateful to be able to do things that I used to do. Like sleep on my stomach… oh yes. Go a full night without having to pee. Be able to grab my kiddo out from under the table without making big grunting noises. And I won’t miss the hip ache at the end of the day. Then there’s the random fatigue, occasional hot flashes, etc… but there are so many things I will miss, and it all goes by so quickly. A pretty lovely time I’ve had of it, all in all. Still so surreal. 

I’ve been having vivid birthing dreams. They are strange and sometimes a little anxious, but everything seems to go well. But, the big feeling I get after I wake up is the bizarre realization that this is a PERSON. This round squirmy bulging belly that came out of thin air… well, not exactly, but you know what I mean. A whole person. A precious life- full of thoughts and love and pain and influence and creativity. I’m just nothing but honored to nourish it. It makes me want to cry when I realize how profound it is. I didn’t quite feel this way with Vera, probably because I couldn’t really understand it, and I think I was unfortunately more absorbed with my own insecurities about this or that. But she has definitely helped me to realize it this time around. Because she’s so amazing and beautiful and silly and here. My daughter.

That’s all. I’m just swoony today.


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