The reason I don’t update more…

… is because I always feel this obligation to those that read to have something “worth reading”. But I thought about it, and I realized that my favorite entries (of other’s) are the ones where I learn about their everyday lives. Where they talk about something small that happened that affected their outlook. I like those because that’s accessible. So I should stop thinking “No, I have nothing interesting to say so I guess I won’t update today”. I should know better. Partially because my best writing comes from just plain writing shit down.
Yep. So you all will be hearing more from me.
On another note: I’ve been having this recurring nightmare about my wedding day. I’m not scared about the usual stuff though. On the contrary, I dream that this one particular bridesmaid decides that she has something else to do and can’t make it. But here’s the catch: she’s got all of the dresses. So I get pissed and cry, and then we all frantically try to put a wedding dress together. It’s all tattered and mismatched. Now that I look back at the dream, the dress actually looked pretty sweet. But no, it’s a really scary dream and I don’t know why I’m having these trust issues with this friend. I love her, and I know she loves me! hence the bridesmaidage.
Anyhoo. That’s all for now. I feel better cuz I’m eating tomato bbq almonds. yummy.

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  1. unicorntapestry

    Tomato bbq almonds? Never heard of them… Wedding dreams are weird. I had one once, involving the Earlham mailroom, a tornado, and a hypothetical situation. Scary. And I love it when you update! 🙂 But don’t feel obligated because then you feel forced to update and then it’s no fun. 😛

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Tomato BBQ almonds are so so yummy!

      Certainly! Yeah, so when are you gonna get around to hitchiking here to visit?
      If you’re nervous about the hitchiking, then I have a great instructional piece of literature that you should read. Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! Bring a towel!

  2. see_anotherside

    Hurrah for more updates from Grace. 🙂

    1. Gracie (Post author)

      Hurrah, yes, good word for it!


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