The gig

It went so well! I’m so proud of my precious husband! He did such a good job, and so many people that I hadn’t seen in a while showed up. That was fun. Unfortunately, Jeff came down with that stomach flu that I had last week and is at home feeling miserable. He’s so sweet though, he said this morning that it’s good to get sick every once in a while. I figure, if you’re going to be sick, you might as well see it that way.
A co-worker’s father died last week. She’s from the Phillipines, and they have a tradition that 9 days after a person passes, the family makes lunch for the village as a symbol of the end of the mourning period and a celebration of said person’s life. So she brought in this great food that I’m munching on right now. What’s more, her father’s 84th birthday lands on today, the 9th day. How cool. I think I may adopt that tradition even though I’m not Phillipino. What the heck. I wish there were more traditions like that- any reason to celebrate life and eat good food.
Well, I’m working and then home to spend date night taking care of Jeff. I don’t mind. It’s romantic to care for each other.


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