Sweet Saturday…

We are happily in the throws of summer and baby-prep this weekend, but I needed a break and a little quiet writing time. This morning was so nice. We woke up early (after Vera came into our room from sleeping the whole night in her big girl room!), walked down to farmer’s market, and then had a quiet breakfast outside at one of our favorite little restaurants. It was breezy and peaceful, and both Jeff and I needed it. I think Vera had a great time too, although she pooped in her pants twice while we were there… 😛  She’s been doing awesome with that though, she never has accidents at home anymore, it’s only when we’re out. It’s been great for Jeff and I to not have to deal with diapers for a little while, too. In no time at all we’ll be back to it. I do plan to do some EC training this time, though. Fascinating stuff!

Our farmer’s market haul. Stone fruit is in season!!! Oh the deliciousness… we’ve been having lots of smoothies full of fruit and homemade yogurt and chia seeds… yum. Then whatever’s leftover I just throw into our little popsicle molds and we have smoothie pops when it’s really hot. I’m totally going to have a blueberry peach smoothie later. 🙂

And today’s harvest. I’ll go out after this and get more greens cut to put in the giveaway basket. But do you see? There are green beans!!! So exciting. We’ve also been getting about 2 eggs a day from the ladies, which is really fun. I’m loving having chickens!

Also the last panels went up on our potato boxes. They grew so fast! Now we can just sit back and watch them go nuts. I’m really curious how many potatoes we’ll get out of it. I’ll have to invest in a nice scale to weigh our produce. Next year I’d love to keep a count of how many pounds of produce we get out of our little farm.

My little nudist has been so fun lately. She loves this little Christmas hat (you know how she is with hats), and often she opts to just wear that on these steamy days. Goof. We went out the other day and she insisted on wearing it. It was 95 degrees and humid, and this guy saw her and just laughed. 

It was my big sister’s birthday yesterday, so my little sister and I got together and made her this all-natural facial kit for fun. My little sister had access to all these recipes, and we whipped them together the other morning. Not that my beautiful sister needs a facial, but she definitely needs to take time to herself to rejuvenate a little. She works so hard, and is a tad under-appreciated sometimes, so we thought something spa-like would be good. This is an olive oil sugar and honey scrub.

Rice water toner.

Aspirin-aloe concoction… 

Rice water toner in it’s little container.

Seaweed mask.

Anyway, it was cute and I hope she uses it. 

Vera and her accessories. 

We set up the room for the baby. We are definitely a co-sleeping family for now. The baby will be up at my head, Vera just below that. It’s turning out to be a cozy space for all of us. Plus I think it’s good if Vera gets used to the new sleeping arrangement before baby gets here. She seems to really like it, and she talks about where we all get to sleep and stuff. Plus she’s got her choice of being in there with us or in her room.

Vera’s little spot.

I really don’t mind it being such a family room. It’s become such a peaceful and simple place. Our bedroom used to be upstairs in the big open room, but now I realize that it’s much better in a smaller space. Anyway, it feels nice to have the bedroom all settled and ready. 

Anyway, for the rest of the day I’m working on making my cloth pads, some cleaning and organizing, another try at bread making, reading some Spiritual Midwifery (I’m feeling like I need to do a little positive birth reading), and working on Vera’s "big sister doll" tonight after she’s gone to sleep. Oh, and we’re potlucking it at our neighbor’s annual "Tiki Party" later. Should be a good day. I hope you all have happy weekends. 🙂


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