Sunday is so SUNNY

I always knew that’s why it was called that.

Last night for date night we had a movie extravaganza. We rented the Illusionist and Opal Dream and watched them both! I made Grace’s Mexican Meatball Stew (mmmboy). I recommend both movies, but especially Opal Dream (that one is for you M). Jeff and I were both tearing at the end and smiling. That’s probably more to do with the fact that we’re unforgivably shmoozy than it does with the movie itself. Either way, it was really good.

My little sister turns 17 tomorrow. It makes me think about when I was her age and what I was doing. My life looked drastically different from hers. That’s a good thing though, I was spicy. She’s lovely, and what’s cool is that I can see the gap closing between us, age-wise. While I’m thinking about my life 5 years ago, I realize that she’s right around the corner really. It’s also cool that the baby will come right around her birthday. Our family has always celebrated “birthday buddies.”

Today was busy. I had a slow morning, but later I got to spend quality time with 3 totally different women. First I hung out with my friend Beth (the girl from my class) and we went to lunch. It was really nice, and candid, and bizarre. I really like her, and I feel very good about this 🙂 It’s actually kind of hard to describe this experience yet, it’s all very lovely and surreal.
Next I went to the airport to spend 2 hours with my childhood friend (she had a long layover in Detroit) who I haven’t seen since my wedding! To be fair I didn’t really even see her then… I only got to say hi really. So we sat on the ground outside the airport and talked and giggled. It was really great to see her, and I really love the people that we’ve separately become. It’s nice to know that even with all the distance (she moved across country when we were 8 or 9 or so) I can still spend a couple of hours feeling totally entertained and end on a sincere “I love you.” Hopefully she will come and stay with Jeff and I this summer for a few days.
Then I came home and my friend Becky came over and we sat and talked and had tea. I’ve known her since I was seven, and still… She lives only a half an hour away, and works in town, but we’re just shitty at keeping up with visits. Again it’s like nothing changes no matter how long it’s been. We laughed a lot and caught up. She is a hairdresser at a sort of swanky salon, and I guess they’re gonna do this photo thingy with hairdos and whatever, and so she wants me to do this Marie Antoinette hairdo. Um. Ya. I do have a frikkin lot of hair, so it’ll be fun to see something done with it! She said she wouldn’t even need to use extensions. Anyway, that was great too.

I love women. Women are great. People are great. I really think I needed today.

April 14th:

April 15th:

I love skies like this. Uh, like I could just float up there…
Anyway, there were more photos from today but I’m ready to “plop” for now.

Ok, go I plop, plop I go.


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